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Inventory pickup common sound


I am lookint into the proper way to have a common sound whenever an item is added to the inventory. is there a way to do that via the AC UI?


  • You can do this by creating an ActionList asset that uses parameters, which gets run whenever you want to add an item.

    Parameters let you "recycle" commonly-used Actions by changing their fields at runtime - see this tutorial.

    Create a new ActionList asset, and define a single "Inventory item" parameter in its Properties box.  Then, when you create an Inventory: Add or remove Action, you can assign this parameter as the new item to add.  Follow it up with a Sound: Play one-shot to play the sound.

    Then, instead of running a new Inventory: Add or remove Action each time you want to add an item, use an ActionList: Run Action to run this new asset.  In each instance, you'll be able to define the value of the Inventory item parameter - and in turn, the item to be added.  You can use the Actions Manager to search your game for all occurences of a given Action.
  • Hello Chris,

    Sounds good! Thanks for the information that is clear ;)

    Best regards
    Joao Garin
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