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UFPS prefabs for AC

I wanted to download the UFPS prefab from this website, but the downloads section are not working for me. I am getting a page instead with a bunch of encoded text.

I wanted to try a default prefab with detect hotspot and it's components, because when I try to create my own character for use with UFPS, I just get a yellow warning in the console that I need a hotspot detector. I followed the instructions precisely but still get the warning.


  • Clicking on the link you posted works fine for me - it could be your browser.  Try it in e.g. Firefox, and right-clicking to choose "Save as", as opposed to just left-clicking.

    The demo game's character, Tin Pot, is also equipped with a Hotspot Detector to demonstrate how one is attached.  A tutorial on this topic can also be found here.
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