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SFX playing on scene load

Hi, hoping for a little help please.

I've created a sound effect which I want to use as a Play one-shot, which does work within the interaction as required, however, when I play the scene from the start, the sound effect plays immediately and I can't see how to switch it off. I only want it to play once within the designated interaction action list.

I've deleted it and then re-imported it within my own folder called SFX, there's no Sound Prefab. I've tried it with a Sound Prefab and no difference.  Am I missing something obvious? I've read the manual and it appears the Play one-shot should work in this context.

I'm using version 2017.2.Of3 of Unity and AC 1.60.5

Many thanks


  • **Update**

    Ok, so I tried another clip with another interaction and it works perfectly. I'm now wondering if an earlier version of the original SFX is still playing after I deleted it? I did import a few trial versions. Perhaps it's still present as a Prefab but not visible within the project folders, is that possible? Is there a way to get rid of it?
  • Actually that can't be it as when I delete the audio file it doesn't play when the scene starts. Totally stumped.
  • Strange.  Indeed, the Sound: Play one-shot Action doesn't rely on a Sound object or even an AudioSource.

    There's only two ways that I can see this happening.  The first would be that there's an AudioSource in your scene that's set to play the sound on start - this may or may not be with a Sound attached as well.

    If you select it in the Scene Manager, you'll get a list of existing Sound prefabs in your scene.  If you disable all those that show, does it still occur?

    Perhaps the AC Sound prefab has been updated - you could try re-importing that from the Asset Store.  The file itself is /Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Logic/Sound.prefab.

    The other way that this would run is if the Interaction itself is being called when the scene begins.  Though doubtful, you could try inserting an ActionList: Comment to the list of Actions (with "Print to Console?" checked) to confirm that this isn't the case.

    If you've deleted the audio file, try importing it under another name - if there was a reference to it previously, that may cause it to remain broken upon reimporting.
  • Chris, you are a star!

    I did have a couple of rogue AudioSources in the scene. Deleting them didn't make any difference at that point but I changed the name of the SFX and attached it to the Play one-shot and bingo, all working as expected again.

    Thank you once again for your help. A very silly error on my part, and one I won't make again. The Play one-shot is a valuable and quick to use function.

    I'm sure I'll be back  but thank you once again for your help :D
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