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User manual updates

As Adventure Creator is updated on a very regular basis (thanks Chris), would it be possible in some way to highlight new elements with each release of the user-guide? Either with a "What's new section" or by adding a footnote on pages with new content.

Makes it useful for people with existing projects to identify improved features in the manual.


  • As in, a certain chapter was beefed up with more detail?  Updates generally carry a number of minor tweaks to the Manual, but main changes and additions are included in the changelog.  The Manual is then updated in turn to reflect those changes.

    To avoid confusion for new users I prefer to do without "what's new" footnotes, and it would be difficult to then remove / replace in subsequent releases.  Is there a particular feature you're looking for more information about?
  • I agree footnotes would be heavy to manage. Not sure really, perhaps the change log is sufficient.

    Just thinking about cases in which a workaround was created for something not easily feasible in AC and then the package is updated to allow for an easier approach. Wouldn't be running to update a game immediately, but may want to do so later.

    Perhaps another approach would be an online searchable change log. It would allow you to select a given AC element (e.g. "camera", "action list", ...) and see historical changes made to that element.

    Not sure if this is a wider need or not. Perhaps more of a "nice to have".
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