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A Game Without a Cursor Help

It's rather straightforward doing a game without a cursor -- I thought. But I am having problems when it comes to a Main Menu and interaction menus. I want buttons to automatically be highlighted with the first choice, and the vertical movement of a mouse cause the other button options to be highlighted when moving the mouse as you would expect. As if I were using a joystick at the menu, and just scrolling down with the stick. I did the tutorials section on menus and now am having all sorts of problems with the menus and I can't fix things, to be honest.


  • Update. I figured out one of the problems why my game got so messed up. If I create a cutscene on the main menu that changes movement type to None, because I'm using UFPS, even if I initialize in the opening cutscene of my next scene to have First Person movement, no matter what, the settings manager will not recognize first person movement again in my game. Thus, I can't get the main menu to work because I can't initially have movement set to none. I hope this makes sense, and if anyone knows of any easier way to do a UFPS first person movement game with no cursor and a successful main menu, please help me :'D
  • Your movement method should not generally have an effect on how menus are controlled.

    As UFPS adds to the complexity, please leave it out for the moment while this issue is sorted.  The 3D Demo's Player, Tin Pot, is equipped to work with First Person so you can test things out with him.  Once things are behaving better, then we can see about re-introducing UFPS.

    Then, see the "Navigating menus directly" chapter in the Manual - it gives the main pointers regarding cursor-less Menu usage.

    If you're still having trouble after going through those points, please post full details on what you have, because there's not enough here I can give specific advice on.  Shots of your Settings Manager, and details of your Main Menu, would be the first thing to see.
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