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Issues using the NavMesh

I've set up a character and a NavMesh (See pic). I've set the NavMesh to be the default NavMesh in the Scene settings.
As you can see in the pic, the character (including it's circle and box colliders) is completely outside (above) the NavMesh (white polygon).
What am I missing?

Also, what is the yellow circle (from which the green and blue arrows go out) bellow the character? Can I control it's position relative to the character? It seems to be involved though I couldn't find a way to control it...




  • This doesn't seem related to the NavMesh, but the Player itself.

    The yellow circle indicates the character's origin, which is where the circle collider and the sprite's feet should also be.

    The Circle Collider 2D needs to be on the root object, with a centre of (0,0) - that way, it'll be at the same position as the yellow circle.  You'll also need to give your sprite child (BlackboroWalk_00018) a local position of (0,0,0) so that he is at the same position.  If he is, and still appears floating, then you may have to correct the sprite's pivot point.

    See the included Brain2D Player prefab - does he behave correctly if you drop him into the scene before running?  (That will override the Player referenced in your Settings Manager)
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