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Custom Menu Options

Hello All,

I've been trying to implement a mouse sensitivity slider in the "Options" menu and based most of what I did off the changing resolution example here:

My issue comes from not being able to register a change in the slider. I've debugged the output all over the place, but I don't understand why it doesn't update with each click on the menu. Here are all the screenshots of the involved settings and the current script. 




Any suggestions on how to see that the global variable is being updated through the user interaction with the menu would be very appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your input.
All the best,


  • You haven't configured your Slider to synchronise with the value of the Global Variable.

    Set the Slider type field to Float Variable, and change your Global Variable to be of type Float, not Integer.  A Slider can only control Float values, but the Number of steps field forces it to have discrete values only.
  • Thank you so much, Chris! 
    Works like a dream. Your dedication to this software and this community is incredible and an amazing gift to all the burgeoning game makers out there. It's greatly appreciated.
    All the best,
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