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Importing variables

In my game I use popup variables which hold many text values. I need to be able to export these elements for two reasons: translation and new versions of the game.

I can export these variables using the Speech - Game text - Export text function and this works (only need to tell Excel to import using UTF-8, otherwise French characters don't import properly).

Importing translated values into the game when a new language is defined works, but I can't import the original language variable values (needed when I update the game to a new version). As my game is a serious game generator, it will end up having many different versions of these variable sets saved as Unity games using the same game code (ActionLists and Playmaker FSMs).

I noticed in the manual that you refer to a "Prevent original language from being used" option, but I can't find it anywhere (perhaps I'm going blind - it would be great in the manual when you specify such elements to indicate their location in AC's tabs). I suspect this may be the solution to my issue.


  • I recommend that you use OpenOffice to handle export files, as it can import them without needing to set the encoding.

    Indeed, the option you mention is what you're looking for.  It can be found in the Speech Manager at the top of the "Languages" panel.  Checking it will mean that, on a technical level, the first-defined "Translation" is now the default language, meaning you can still keep it in English / whatever your original text is written in, and amend it through external files.
  • Thanks Chris.

    Hadn't noticed the checkbox, as it only appears once you create a new translation.
  • At least one translation is required for it to work, but fair point: I'll have it show at all times, but with a warning box if checked when no translations are listed.
  • Great, as usual.
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