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Head Turning 2D

Hi Chris.

I'm very excited about the new head turning feature for 2D using a float. I'm still getting my head around using parameters and hoping for a bit of guidance in setting it up please.

So far I've set up the FacingAngle float and using blend trees for the 4 directions and it's working well. I've created the HeadTurning float and it's currently mirroring the FacingAngle parameters which is as expected at this stage. Checked the 'Angle snapping' to 45 degrees. I've ticked the 'Player turns head to activate hotspot' in the Settings. Understand I need to use the 'Character face object' action in my Interactions.
But my question is, how do I define it in Animator? In the Inspector, I can view my FacingAngle parameter with the animations attached when I've highlighted the Idle Blend Tree. But there doesn't appear to be an option to add another parameter for HeadTurning. So, I'm presuming I need to import separate animations for the head and then separate animations for the body? And then, add Idle Body state, add those body animations, use the FacingAngle float. Then add the Idle Head state and add those specific animations and use the TurningHead float. I hope that makes sense and wanted to double check before I go ahead and do it as it's quite a bit of work to do if it's incorrect. And want to ensure my Player's head is attached to her body when navigating around each scene (ensuring pivot point is set to the bottom middle for each).

Thanks again :)


  • Ignore this as I've seen you've already just added a demo package so I'll refer to that.
  • In addition to the demo package, the "Head turning" chapter of the Manual also covers the steps necessary for each animation engine.
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