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Menu Get Input box text

I have used the technique described in your custom game save labels tutorial to allow for dynamic save names and also because I need to do other saving outside of AC using the save name (link to tutorial for those reading this:

In order to load elements saved this way (for the elements saved beyond AC), I also need to override the default load process in a similar way and be able to read the load file a player selects. This implies having a new Menu - GetInputboxText action, which would allow me to copy the selected load slot's name into a global variable.

I could take some time to write this, but as I think it is a good complement to the existing SetInputboxText action, do you think it could be included in the next release?


  • This is already possible via the Variable: Set Action when updating a String variable.

    Set the New value is field to Set As Menu Element Text, and you'll be able to enter in the details of an element to read from.
  • Great Chris, hadn't noticed that option, thanks.
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