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Playing a Video List smothly

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I was trying to create a sequence of videos with the cutscenes - Engine play movie clip. It works well but there's always a gap of half a second between videos. I would like to make them to play as smoothly as possible. 

I also tried with "preparing" although I couldn't see any difference. I'm wondering if I should try with another video player (Im using the one by Unity) and I'm working on a MAC with High Sierra. Any tips? Am I doing the right thing? image


  • Welcome to the community, @MANOLOCHAN.

    You haven't said how large these videos are, so I'm not sure what difference switching video player will have.

    However, since you're playing both videos on the same player, it's possible that this is causing the first to be unloaded before the second can be played.

    Try creating a second VideoPlayer, so that each video clip is played on a separate VideoPlayer component.  Then, in your scene's OnStart cutscene, use two more Engine: Play movie clip Actions to preload these clips by checking Prepare only? in both of them.
  • Thanks for your answer Chris, they are really short videos (2-3s) but I’m curious to check your suggestion. Will update you with this
  • Hi Chris again, I forgot to update about this. I deactivated the correct aspect ratio option ("No Scaling") from the video player component.  After that it worked much better and smoothly as far as you use always the same video sources. Thanks a lot
  • I'm having the same problem here.

    2 separate videoclips on 2 separate VideoPlayers. I preload the 2nd video on OnStart.

    After the first video plays it 'should' begin the next video on VideoPlayer2 automatically with no pause, but there's a half-second pause/flicker before it plays.

    I'm not sure if this is Unity-related or AC. I'm leaning more towards Unity.

  • You only mention AC preloading the 2nd video. How are you playing both of these videos? Through Actions?

    In my experience there is generally a small flicker when playing back videos - indeed coming from the Unity side. If you're looking to play two back-to-back, it may be worth looking into Timeline to control their playback, so that you can have a slight overlap to try to mask the flicker.

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