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Custom Action to change menu image

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Hi Chris, I have been trying to write a custom AC Action to change the image of an AC menu linked to Unity UI, but for some reason, the image doesn't seem to update.

In my code, I can capture the menu and the sprite is loaded (after fighting over resource.load for a while to get the correct syntax for the path).

Could you have a quick look into the following code to see if you can find what's wrong?

Once this works, I can share the final code with the community.


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    Try setting uiImage.overrideSprite instead of uiImage.sprite
  • Thanks Chris, this works fine. Great support as usual.

    Here's a link to the functional script for anyone who needs it.
  • You're welcome.  Such scripts are best posted on the community wiki - thanks for sharing!
  • Instance of ActionMenuImageGet couldn't be created. The the script class needs to derive from ScriptableObject.

    I get this error if I try to add the script to the actions folder.
  • Place your Action in a new folder and point to that as your "Custom Actions" folder, and make sure there's no non-Action scripts in that folder.  See the "Custom Actions" chaper of the Manual for more info on installing them.  Sometimes that error can appear, but restarting Unity can resolve it - provided the script is OK.
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