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Camera Switching and Transition Issue

Hi everyone,

I'm building out a 2D scene and have a camera switch trigger that triggers a 2.5 second ease in to a secondary tighter camera (to focus on a specific scene item), and I have a separate trigger set up to return the player to the main scene cam (a 2.5 second ease out) when they walk away.

My issue seems to be that if the player moves into the trigger and begins the transition, then moves through the 'return to last gameplay' trigger while the transition is still active, it ignores the second trigger and remains zoomed in on the secondary camera.

I know I can fix this by checking the "wait until finished" box or removing/reducing the transition time, and I've tried more elaborate methods of enabling/disabling triggers through ActionScripts, but the ideal solution would be a way to have the game recognize that a trigger has been hit during a camera transition and being able to prioritize the new camera over the old/cancel out of a transition. Am I missing an AC setting somewhere, or is this only solvable via custom code?



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    As tends to be the case, the simplest answer appears to be the correct one -- I just set the 'return to main cam' trigger to fire on exit vs on enter, and that seems to solve the erroneous transition behavior.

    As a long-overdue addendum, I love this tool and this community is wonderful. I'm pretty rusty coming back to it after a year+, but there's a ton of great information here!
  • Welcome back, @tdcpresents.

    Also know that an alternative solution is to rely on just one Trigger object, but attach a second AC_Trigger component that runs the "Exit" Actions.  The 3D Demo game does this same trick for its own gameplay camera-switching.
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