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Change Interaction Name and Coin Verb

I have a question about using a coin verb regarding the change interaction name. See the picture bellow:

I tried the Hotspot: Change interaction Action to enable the (Taste) interaction and disable the (Talk to) interaction.

But it seems that it doesn't work. After some research I found that if I disable the menu element "Use" from the Menu that it works. But by doing this, in all hotspots the Verb Coin has the (Taste) interaction.

I also want the same for the (Use) interaction to be able to change for certain hotspots to (Push) interaction.

Is is some way to fix this? Do I need to write a custom script?

Thank you


  • Please try not to double-post - I answer all questions when I am able.

    The workflow you've described should be correct - though you've only shown a portion of your Menu Manager.  If you can PM me a zip of your 8 Manager assets, I shall try to see what's wrong.  A custom script could certainly re-name your icon labels, but the steps above should work.

    What are your AC and Unity version numbers, also?
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