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Web GL - Compiling Error

Hi there!  I want to build my game to WebGL too and I'm getting these errors, I have no issues with desktop, but I'm kind curious what could these mean


  • Where are these errors appearing, in the Unity Console?

    I'll need to know your exact AC and Unity version numbers.
  • Yes, these appears in the Unity Console.

    AC 1.62.6
    Unity 2018.1.1f1

    The strange part is that I get those errors each time I try to compile the project, if I try to compile/build it a second time, it does work.
  • So it's only the first time?

    I'm afraid I'm not able to reproduce the error.  What are your Build and Player settings?
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    Yeah, is kinda weird, here they are. I have Unity Analytics enabled, but not currently using in any script yet, only analytics is on.

    Here's for Desktop

    Here's for Web

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    What about the other settings?  Publishing etc.

    If it builds the second time onward, my hunch is that this is a Unity bug.  However, I'll see if I can reproduce this error to shed any light on it.
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    If you meant Icon, Screen and Resolution and Splash image, they are default.

    Edit: Just made desktop build, all works fine without the errors and compiling, this is only happening with WebGL.
  • I wonder if this is a duplicate of this Unity bug.

    I've PMd you a modified copy of the ActionMovie.cs file that's causing the issue - let me know if it makes a difference.
  • I can confirm the error related to AC is solved, now it compiled in one build, but with the compiling errors related to the Animation Window Control, that seems to be part of a Unity problem.
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