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3rd Person camera Collisions Problem

Hi ChrisIceBox. I have little problem with my third person adventure game.I make game camera third person and check mark on detect wall collisions.But how to make player collision itself.? When I moved around the camera near by wall, player is hollow and it look so dam worst.Please help me Chris,thanks so much ...
here my video screenshot


  • Have you tried just setting your camera's Near Clipping Plane really low, like 0.01?
  • What are you looking to do?  Hide the player completely, or prevent any clipping at all?  Reducing the Near Clipping Plane is the normal way to prevent that.
  • @Deckard_89 @ChrisIceBox ..Thanks so much guys. Problem Solved. I never notice about Near Clipping Plane. When i set Clipping Plane to 0.01 error is gone..Thanks 😃😇
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