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Hello again! Going through tutorial. Two small issues...

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Hi all. It's been three years but I've decided to give this another go. 

I've gone through the 3D game tutorial, and everything seems to work perfectly BUT I am having two small issues I can't seem to crack.

#1. The interaction ring always shows ALL THREE possible interactions, instead of the ones that I associated with the hotspot. For example, this console is supposed to only have an "use" interaction, but it shows use, talk, and lookat. It did work correctly at one point, but for some reason it broke and I can't figure out why.

#2. The "exit closeup" button that was put together in the tutorial. When I run the game in in the editor, it works fine. When I run the game in full screen mode, the button appears in completely the wrong place. 

Any help with these issues is appreciated! And... I can't seem to decrease the size of the images on this forum. Sorry about that.


  • It's been quite a while since I've been through the tutorial so not so sure on #1. On #2, is this an Adventure Creator Menu or a Unity Prefab. At some point during the tutorial, he changes it to a Unity Prefab. If it's a the Unity Prefab, I would guess it's because your Canvas Scaler component (on the UI Canvas) is set to "Constant Pixel Size." Change it to "Scale with Screen Size."
  • Setting that fixed it! Although when I change it to that setting I have to enter in a specific screen width and height, which makes me wonder what would happen if the game was played on different monitors. Ah well. Baby steps. Thanks!

  • Welcome back, Dave!

    1) Have you got Auto-hide Interaction icons based on Hotspot? checked in your Settings Manager's list of Interface settings?  That should prevent undefined interaction icons appearing in the Interaction menu.

    2) Indeed - the Canvas component's scale mode does default to Constant Pixel Size, which I should have probably picked up on in the tutorial.  Using "Unity UI" based menus does assume a prior knowledge to how Unity UI works, with the "Adventure Creator" source option is better for prototyping and getting started with.
  • Aha! That did it. Thanks. :)

    I did go through a bunch of vanilla unity tutorials but none of them covered UI stuff. I will definitely have to do that.
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