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Loading screen skip button

In my game, I have a loading screen with a lot of seconds because in the loading screen I put some facts about the history of Tango. But I want a skip button just to skip the loading and go to the scene for the people who don't want that information or when is a repeat info and just want to quick the game.


  • The Settings Manager's Delay before and after (s) field can be modified at game-time - right-click its label to copy an API reference to it.

    What you could try is setting it to a very high value when the loading screen is showing, and then set it to zero / a default value when the user presses a button.
  • Not working. I try a lot of things. setting the delay to 0, and useAsyncLoading = false but nothing happend. 
    I see the change on the Setting Manager but not impact.
    the skip is attached to the button 
  • Don't change the useAsyncLoading property - it'll mess things up.

    I'll look into adding some kind of "SkipPostLoading" method to AC in the next update.
  • OK.  In the next release, setting the delay value to zero mid-wait will do the trick - so your script should then work as intended.

    However, since the field in the Settings Manager is capped at 1s due to being a slider, it'll reset to that value if over that when viewed.  So long as you don't view the Settings Manager during that time (which also won't occur during builds), you should be fine.
  • edited July 2018
    GReat!! I will wait for that
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