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Merge scenes each with their own AC.

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I have 3 scenes each with an AC object. There are many hotspots, triggers, npcs in each. I now want to move all of this into just one scene, but retain the hotspots/triggers etc. Is there any special I have to do ? Because it seems some of the triggers i have brought in from one of the other scenes doesnt seem to get triggered.

EDIT: actually looks like they DO get triggered but all the interactions are gone, I still have the original scenes can I copy paste the info from the triggers into the ones in the new scenes? I seem to recall doing this once before but I cant recall how.


  • Transferring scene-based ActionLists between scenes directly can cause problems because they need to be able to "see" the objects they refer to at all times - unless Constant ID numbers are involved.

    The workaround is to temporarily convert them to ActionList assets, load up the new scene only, and then convert them back into Cutscenes.  Once Cutscenes, you can either copy/paste them into new Triggers, or have your Trigger run the Cutscenes directly with ActionList: Run.

    To convert an ActionList to/from an asset file, click the cog menu at the top-right of its Inspector.
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    Thanks Chris, great answer, cheers. Id there any way to move path objects and keep them intact?
  • As in, all as one?  Please let's stick to the same thread you previously resurrected - I'm looking into it.
  • Ive got my game working well no worries, my cities are apart, no problem at all i teleport between them. I have 1 main AC object and 3 sub ones, I turn each city on as I need it along with its AC object, everything works absolutely flawlessly. I am so happy to say I can flip from city to city and the world is alive. Thank you Chris for an amazing product and support, I am going to show the world a great game one day! AC truly is the glue that holds everything together I promote it where ever I go. 
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