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How do I call Conversations inside nested Actionlists without it ending early?

To recreate:
ActionList A
1. Dialogue: Hi.
2. ActionList: Run: Run ActionListB, Run from start&Wait until finish both checked.
3. Dialogue: Bye.

ActionList B
1. Start Conversation: A simple Yes/No conversation.
   - If select Yes will Dialogue: Yes, if select No will dialogue: No.

I want it in this order:
1. Hi.
2. Yes/No choice box pops up, user selects one and prints either Yes or No.
3. Bye.

But right now it is this:
1. Hi.
2. Bye.
3. Yes/No choice box pops up.

Why is the second ActionList ended eventhough I checked Wait Until finish?


  • Recreated, thanks for the details.

    This occurs because an ActionList technically ends/pauses when a Conversation is initiated, so the ActionList: Run Action considers itself complete and ActionList A continues on.

    Having it work the way you intend will be tricky to solve - but I will look into it for you.

    In the meantime, or if it is not possible to change, you can either combine the Actions into just one ActionList, or have the ActionList: Run Action stop after running, and have additional ActionList: Run Actions after your Conversation ends to run ActionList A starting from Action #3.
  • Having looked into it, I'm afraid the behaviour is going to have to remain as-is.

    Having the ActionList wait for another means it'd cause gameplay to be blocked for its duration, which would in turn prevent the Conversation choices from appearing.  Trying to override this behaviour would be hacky and brings a strong chance of knock-on problems as a result.

    Fortunately, the workaround I posted above is still viable.  Stop ActionList A once A begins, and then use the ActionList: Run Action's ability to start midway-through an ActionList to continue on from A once B is complete.
  • Thanks Chris! The workaround seems to work. 

    I am trying to write a chatbot using adventure creator, therefore I've designed it so lots of actionlists will be reused based on conditions, hence this kind of need. But I think I can get it to work with your other method. Thanks!
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