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Version 1.64 - Documents, improved player-switching, gameplay conversations



  • @ChrisIceBox ;

    Thanks so much for the above replies. 

    1. Wow! I've been using Adventure creator for almost 4 years, and I feel like a noob. Great explanation. I figured it out thanks to your instructions. I really appreciate it. Getting closer to completing my project every day. 

    2. Oh!!! I get it. It's in the Inventory settings, within Settings AC Game Editor tab, not in the Inventory tab. Sorry. Man. I hesitated to include that, thinking that I might be missing something, but I ignored my inner-voice. Next time I'll look harder. Sorry Chris.

    Thanks again. You are the BEST!
  • 2. I've actually decided to move that option down to Inventory settings for a future release - seems more suited there.
  • Version 1.64.3:
    • Fixed: Switching scene to a new Player, without restoring data, causing the scene's OnLoad cutscene to run as opposed to OnStart
  • And another one right behind it..

    Version 1.64.4:
    • Added: The loading of sub-scenes is now optional when using the "Save: Save or load" Action to load a saved game
    • Added: Custom events called when Music and Ambience tracks play and stop
    • Added: Custom event called when the Player snaps to a PlayerStart
    • Added: Initial preparations for nested prefabs support
    • Fixed: Issues with Remember scripts saving and loading when relying on additive scenes
    • Fixed: Issues with the opening and closing of additive scenes
    • Fixed: Issues with 2.5D backgrounds in Unity 2018.2
    • Fixed: Minor display issue with the default and demo Subtitles menus
  • Great update!!.Thanks a lot Chris
  • Thank's for the update! Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing with those nested prefabs.
  • @kloot: Just keeping things working as they should be for now.  Speaking of which:

    Version 1.64.5:
    • Added: "Reverse Only" type for Paths
    • Added: Method to Paths script to have it calculate a new path to itself from a given starting position
    • Fixed: Custom motion controllers not always receiving the "OnTeleport" message when skipping the "Character: Move along path" Action
    • Fixed: Critical bug in which a scene's Constant ID numbers were sometimes being reset in v1.64.4

  • edited August 2018
    Thanks so much @ChrisIceBox  One of my NPC's Custom ID numbers changed on me and I had to go and reassign every line of dialogue. Great catch!
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