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Object add/remove only seems to add once

Add remove works but it only seems to work once, for example if I rerun the same actionlist a second time then that step seems to not do anything. 


  • Again, with which AC/Unity version numbers?

    See the Console window - you should be informed that spawning is not possible since the object is already in the scene.

    This safeguard is enabled to prevent unwanted duplicated being placed in the scene.  You can bypass this, however, by attaching a Remember Transform component to the object, checking Save scene prescene?, and then entering in a non-zero value in its Linked prefab ConstantID box.  This can be the same ID listed below (once Retain in prefab?) is checked.
  • Thanks chris. Sorry for not supplying version Im on AC 1.62.6, Unity 2018.2.2f1
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