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[Bug] With "Give matching speech lines the same ID?" checked after renaming scenes that are in build pipeline, causes the scenes to be sorted differently, and on Gather text console spits out a bunch of warnings about duplicate ID's.

[Feature Request] Would it be possible to add a soft gather text function, that would only add additional lines from current scene (and wouldn't remove any lines). This would help the development loop. Since frequent full Gather takes up a lot of time.


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    Please elaborate on the bug.  What do you mean by "sorted differently", and what objects are being warned about with the duplicate IDs?  If you rename the scene, AC won't be able to differentiate the difference between that and a new scene, so I'd expect issues.  What you'd probably need to do is update the internal scene value of each gathered SpeechLine entry to replace the old with the new.

    I'll consider the feature request.
  • On the bug: When gathering text, all scene data is collected in a certain order. So for example lets say i have aScene and bScene. They both have fields that share the same line. And end up getting merged. Then I rename aScene -> 2aScene and bScene -> 1bScene. Then click gather again and after that each gather will return warnings that some lines are being issued new id, since they have an overlapping ID. At the end, no actual ID rearanging occurs (or perhaps occurs multiple times, but ends up with the same ID that it started with). So there is no actual damage, but console is filled with empty warnings.
  • To update the Speech Manager's internal record of stored scene names:

    foreach (SpeechLine line in KickStarter.speechManager.lines)
      if (line.scene == "aScene") line.scene = "2aScene";
      if (line.scene == "bScene") line.scene = "1bScene";

    I'll include the single-scene feature, but only as a publicly-accessible method.  You'll be able to add a simple editor script to call it from the toolbar:

    AC.KickStarter.speechManager.PopulateList (true); // where true = single-scene
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