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Swapping cameras

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I cannot seem to swap cameras, no matter what I do the camera component seems to be automatically turned off by AC? I have even tried disabling camera in engine manage systems. Whats going on here? I am trying to make cut scenes from a moving camera. It all works as expected if I manually tick back on the camera in the inspector.


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    ok i managed to do it by doing:
    - keep the camera script off on the cut scene camera
    - used a custom action to turn it on
    - used a custom action to turn camera component back on

    bit convoluted but my UFPS/AC set up is complex

    EDIT: whoop now dialog doesnt show up :(
  • Why go to the trouble of fighting the AC Main Camera?  You can make any custom camera compatible with AC by attaching the "Basic camera" component to it - see the "Custom cameras" chapter of the Manual.

    Once the MainCamera switches to your custom camera (via the usual Camera: Switch Action), it'll copy the position/rotation etc of that camera every frame - so you can attach an Animator component to your custom camera and have the MainCamera animated by proxy.
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