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Add New Cameras Align with View

Hi Chris,

Lately I find myself having to create multiple cameras for my game levels, over 90% of those Cameras if not all I have to Align with View, especially the simple cameras.

Was wondering if by any chance whether by toggle or by default, when we click Add New to spawn the Camera with the view :)

This would make the flow of Camera setups much quicker and easier,

Let me know what you think,

Thank you


  • What do you mean, exactly?  Let's see some screenshots to illustrate.

    You can of course create your own camera prefab, even if it's a derivative of one of the default AC camera types.
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    Sorry perhaps I was not clear enough.

    I use many simple cameras to switch between and show the player things, it gives it a nice cinematic feel.

    1. My process is I would move around in my scene view, find the right spot for where the Camera should be.

    2. Then I will create 'add new' simple camera,

    3. Lastly go into the topbar of Unity -> GameObject -> Align With View (CTRL+SHIFT+F)

    This puts the camera exactly where it should be / where my scene view is positioned due to step #1 and now I do not have to move the Camera around.

    I was merely suggesting to avoid having to do the whole Align with view continually (step #3), manually, perhaps an option for when I 'add new' to align with view automatically, which will essentially save time.

    Let me know if I failed to make this clear again,

    Thank you

  • I understand now - thank you.

    I don't feel there's a need for this to be incorporated into AC, however.  Custom cameras, as described in the Manual's "Custom cameras" chapter, can be made use of by attaching the "Basic camera" component - this is essentially all the SimpleCameras are.

    You can then attach any custom behaviour you like to that GameObject.  Provided that Unity have made it possible to call the "Align With View" command through script (and you'd have to search Unity's forums to check), it'd be possible to just run that continuously in edit mode.
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