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Preventing hotspot click event when dragging (GameCamera 2D Drag)?

Is it possible to prevent a hotspot click event being fired when dragging using a 'GameCamera 2D Drag'?

From my past experience with JQuery I remember being able to distinguish between mousedown, mouseup, onStartDrag, onEndDrag and wondered if this was possible with AC.




  • This should already be the case - so long as you begin dragging when not over a Hotspot.  Are you getting this behaviour?

    I don't experience this myself after adding this type of camera to the 2D Demo - how about on your end?  Please also let me know your AC and Unity version numbers.
  • edited October 2018
    Yes works as you described. I was just after something similar to how the clickable areas worked here:

    The idea would be to prevent a player accidentally discovering some hidden elements as they panned around.

    But it is not a problem, AC is truly amazing, with so many options/configurations I will just come at it from a different angle. Thanks!

    AC version: 1.65.0
    Unity version: 2018.2.10f1

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