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Little Cabin in the Woods - A Forgotten Hill Tale

Hi everyone,
we would like to share with the community Little Cabin in the Woods - A Forgotten Hill Tale, our latest WebGL game.

Here starts a new series of stories happened in Forgotten Hill, named Forgotten Hill Tales.
In the first tale – Little Cabin in the Woods – we are about to know the story of a young boy with a painful past and his will to escape from a sad and secluded life…

You can play the game here:

Let us know what you think, any feedback is appreciated!

A little note: this was our first experience with both Unity and Adventure Creator and we would like to thank Chris for this amazing tool that made the switch to a new engine almost painless: great job!


  • Welcome to the community, @FMStudio.  Nice work, guys!
  • Played it for a solid 10-15 minutes and I'm really stuck! The production and presentation and overall quality of the game and it's mechanics are really well done. Not sure if the puzzles are too hard or I'm just being very dumb but I just can't seem to progress (do you have a walkthrough you could PM me or link to, really interested to see where my logic is going wrong haha)!

    Again though really interesting and well made!
  • edited November 2018
    Thank you very much!
    There's a walkthrough video here: also reachable from the in-game button with a tiny camera ;) 
  • Thanks, I felt immediately stupid when I saw where I was going wrong. Great little game though, I loved the ending!
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