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Remember Transform after Animation

I have an animation that moves an object to another position.
I added the Remember Transform script to the object, but when I load the scene again the object is back to the position where it was before the animation.
I also tried the Remember Animator script but this one runs the animation again on scene load.
Am doing something wrong?


  • What are your Unity and AC version numbers?

    If the object is controlled by an Animator, it'll override the Remember Transform component because it'll be setting its position every frame.

    A Remember Animator should be OK, provided you're using an Animator component.  You might have to have the object settle into a new "idle" animation once it's at its new position, but it's hard to say without seeing anything.  Screenshots of the issue may help to understand what's going on.
  • Hi Chris,
    Using 1.57b with Unity 5.6.5
    I recorded a video of the issue, hope that makes it easier to debug:

  • edited February 20

    The video shows the issue, but not the cause. What I need to see are images of the Animator, and the animation it's playing.

    Have you tried my suggestion re: creating an "idle" animation for the new position?

    Please also try it in the latest AC release, v1.66.8, in a backup/duplicate project. v1.66.0 fixed an issue with Remember Animator not correctly saving the state of non-looping animations - it may be that upgrading resolves the issue.

  • Hi Chris,
    The update fixes the issue.
    Was dreading it because of Dialog System (as I need to update that as well), but after going through it all the issue is fixed.
    Thanks again!

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