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Toggle parameter skip subtitles

Is it possible to switch the value in the action list "Display subtitles forever until user skip it"? I want the player to not be able to skip subtitles during the cutscene, and in the game he could.


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    Yes - any Manager field can have its value changed at any time through script.

    Right-click on the field's label and click "Copy API reference" - that will give you a script reference to it that you can modify through script.  For the field in question, that's:


    To have it change upon entering/exiting "cutscene" mode, you can hook into the OnEnterGameState / OnExitGameState custom events, which trigger whenever the game changes state.  Custom events are a way of easily injecting your own code into common AC tasks - see more in the Manual as well as this tutorial.

    Here's a sample script that demonstrates the use of those events to change the field's value:

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