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Spine vs. the new Unity 2D (skeletal) animations

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Hi there,

From what I can tell after looking around on this forum, using Spine with AC can be quite challenging. I've been looking into the new 2D animation system built into Unity 2018.3 which also supports skeletal animations. Since this system produces good old ".anim" files, am I right in thinking that these will be a lot simpler to integrate into AC?



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    It should be, yes. However, with 2018.3 still in beta, AC does not have official support for its features. I would not recommend using AC with 2018.3 until both 2018.3 and v1.66 are released.

  • Good to know, fair enough :)

  • 2018.3 has been out now several days. Have you had time to play around with the new skeletal animations? It would be nice to have simple(r) way to use Spine in AC.

  • Unity's 2D skeletal animation system still relies on the existing Animator/Animation format - so far as I can tell, there shouldn't be any issue with using it to create your character animation. Have you had any issues?

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