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Suppressing AC

I know this has been asked in various ways, but I wanted to ask for my specific situation. I created a top down RPG, but I do not have a good way to script cutscenes. I hate Unity's built-in timeline. It's so clunky compared to AC. So I thought about using AC for my game. I've never used it for a 2D game before, only 3D. Ideally, I think it could be ok running in the background, so I can do dynamic cutscenes. I dont want to use it's inventory, it's controls, it's camera, hotspots, anything, except during a narrative event that I initiate, then tap into a UI for dialogs and the logic for scripting the scene. In that case, I would use it's animation and sprite manipulation components.
OR I could just run in for cutscenes only. I'm not exactly sure how to disable everything and then load everything again in just one scene, while the next scene isn't using AC. I have dialog system too which I might be able to just use, but I don't really have experience with it the way I do AC. What should I do - any thoughts, opinions? And if I use AC, is there a way to sort of run an AC Lite situation, with just basic features? Different from turning things on and off, maybe?


  • See the Manual's "Integrating other gameplay" chapter. AC can be shut down completely through script:

    AC.KickStarter.TurnOffAC ();

    Individual systems can also be disabled with the Engine: Manage systems Action.

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