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Mouse cursor continually blinks

I've been using Adventure Creator for creating cutscenes. I've mixed in some various playmaker and NGUI elements as well along the way. My mouse cursor continually blinks and stutters and I can't quite figure out why. Has anybody else experienced this at all?


  • Yes, it does for me in the editor's game mode, but this problem does not appear in the built *.exe file. If it is the same in your case, it might just be just a problem of the editor.
  • I'm using the webplayer as my final output and it continues to do it there. Do you get the same thing when you export a webplayer build?
  • @joshuabogart: Are you using Hardware or Software cursor rendering?

    Please test with a scene with no NGUI or PlayMaker elements - it's not clear whether this is a pure-AC problem, or one brought about by using it with other assets.
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