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Deeper Timeline Integration (possible AC Timeline Track?)

Dear Chris, dear Community,

I'm currently working on "Harold Halibut", a narrative exploration game that has a lot of filmic cutscenes. We love the way Adventure Creator handles most things, but on the other hand, unitys Timeline is really great to author filmic cutscenes with lots of things going on in parallel. While the AC Timeline action is really useful especially together with the "wait for preceding action, we would need to split cutscenes into multiple timelines, so that we can time them perfectly together with AC Actions (especially speech).
I wanted to ask if there are plans to have a tighter Timeline integration, like an AC track were we can drop actionlists in and create clips with a choice of the actions included in the Action List. In that way we would be able to use the best of both in a seamless way, and also could start with regular actionlists, and convert them into timelines whenever more detailed control is needed. Has anyone here in the community attempted to do something like this?

Thank you and best wishes


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    Forgive the pun, but this is good timing. The upcoming v1.66 update will indeed be bringing updated Timeline integration, on account of the maturing of the feature within Unity itself with their own 2018.3.

    ActionLists really are their own thing - very different from the way Timeline works - and I don't see them being tied into Timeline tracks directly. However, the chief benefit for bringing the two together lies with camera control and speech playback. Most other things (animation, audio, etc) can already be handled through Timeline already.

    v1.66, therefore, will introduce two new Timeline tracks:

    1. An AC MainCamera track, which allows you to control which GameCamera the MainCamera is following. Similar to the Cinemachine Brain track, this will also support transitions both between individual clips, and in and out of the track itself.
    2. An AC Speech track, which allows you to playback character speech directly within Timeline. This'll support the usual audio/translation features, as well as previewing via your regular Subtitles menu.

    On top of this, the 3D Demo will also be updated (in 2018.3) to rely on Timeline for its opening and closing cutscenes. The reliance on 2018.3 is due to Unity finally allowing finer control over the positioning of pre-existing characters during and after a Timeline ends - something that has been very limiting so far.

    If you'd like to be involved in beta-testing, send me a PM.

  • Thanks Chris, that sounds amazing! Looking forward to try it out!

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