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Perfect example showing the power of the node editor

edited April 2014 in Engine development
Within about one minute of using Adventure Creator's new node editor, I was able to solve a frustrating bug, simply but noticing the visual pattern of node lines was different between one cutscene and another. So I thought I'd demonstrate that here, since it's a perfect example of the power of a node editor. It's not so much that you're using visual tools to code, it's that you're using visual tools to see patterns in your existing code.

So here I have a check against an int and I skip to the next check if false. This is how its supposed to work:
And again here:
Notice how there's a visual pattern to this, with larger boxes that have red lines skipping over smaller ones to connect to the next large box. I noticed this pattern intuitively and immediately, and then I saw this:
Ah ha! The red line is not going to the next large box. And that was much easier and faster for me to notice rather than looking at text in a one of many many combo boxes. And in fact the combo box isn't super useful anyway because it can't show me the difference between individual nodes:

So I just wanted to share this since it's such a perfect picture of why visual programming can be so helpful. Not as much with actual coding, but moreso in looking at existing code to notice patterns, or to think of new patterns, or to fix broken patterns.


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