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Sorting map traps player?

Hi, I have a player in a scene with a navmesh that works fine. I decided to add a sorting map, when edit mode is enabled I can move the player around in scene and see that the sorting map works properly. However, when I press the play button to run the scene and I click around for the player to move, they only walk in place. I've tried starting them in different parts of the scene, but they continue to just walk in place. When I disable the sorting map on the player object, they walk around just fine again. Is there a step I'm missing?

Thanks so much!


  • Make sure that you place the Follow Sorting Map component on the character's "Sprite child" - not the root object alongside the Player component.

    Otherwise, in which AC and Unity versions, and have you checked the Console window for errors?

  • Ahh you are so good and helpful every time, thank you! It was on the base player object, now I know better :) . Thank you again!

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