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Noob Issues - Sorry

'Play Speech' text seems to have vanished. (I did search through the forum before posting)

I'm just getting through the initial tutorial so apologies if this is something obvious.

Also, are there any tutorials on adjusting the font and text display effects etc?



  • I swapped the menu_managers around and it's back

  • Welcome to the community, @mnorm.

    For speech text to display, your Menu Manager must have a menu that has an Appear type of When speech plays, and includes a Label element set to Dialogue Speech.

    By default, this is provided via the Subtitles menu, which is also used by the 3D Demo game. When you use the New Game Wizard, you'll be given the option to rely on the default set of Menus - including Subtitles - to start with.

    You should rely on your own set of Managers when creating your game - otherwise, your work may get overwritten when you update AC. If you haven't already, use the New Game Wizard to create your Managers. If you already have, but are missing the Subtitles menu, you can copy it from Default_MenuManager or Demo_MenuManager and paste it into your own. Individual menus can be copied via the cog icon to the right of their listing in the Menu Manager.

    A series of tutorials on menus can be found here. For a video guide, see this portion of the 2D game tutorial

  • thanks for the reply. Muchly appreciated

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