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Navmesh created but walk to marker not working

Hi all,
Thank you for the 2.5D tutorial. Much appreciated for that.

I have been working on my game for a while with lots of trial and error. I am very determined to get my game working and eventually put in good practice/standards in making my work efficient.

I have created both Navmesh via Adventure Creator's scene manager as well as making the whole terrain baked following Unity Navigation method described in the 2.5D tutorial.

However, when creating a hotspot and walk to marker plus action list, the player clicks onto the hotspot and turns to face that direction but does not walk to the marker. When I recreate this (numerous of times) with Adventure Creator: Recreating Unity's adventure game tutorial, I am able to walk to the certain spot where I placed the walk to marker. The only difference between the tutorial and my game is the movement method. I choose to do First Person/3rd person camera and this seems not to work. Only works with point and click method.

In the scene view, its showing me a line that the player should be walking to the marker but it doesn't. What am I doing wrong here? Am I missing anything? I even checked and changed the precision movement guide and it doesn't do anything.

Help would be appreciated in solving this issue I am having.

Many thanks


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    How exactly are you commanding the Player to move to the Marker? Via a Character: Move to point Action, or by setting the Hotspot interaction's Player action to Walk To Marker.

    Please let me know you're Unity and AC version numbers, too.

    I can't recreate this in the 3D Demo, upon loading up the Managers, scene, and setting the Movement method to First Person. Clicking on the door to the right once gameplay begins should guide the player over to its marker - is it the same for you?

  • Okay, I have done both Character: Move to point and Hotspot interation's Player action Walk to Marker.

    Instead of making exactly what I want to make, I broke it down to just make the hotspot/hotspot marker and just one Action List which is Character: Move to point. Anyway, what it does is just face the marker but will not walk over. In Scene, it show the blue line to walk to marker but as I mentioned, it won't walk over. Just face towards the hotspot.

    Im using Unity 2017.4.18f1 and AC v1.66.8.

    (PS: I have experimented with the 3D demo and indeed it works there as you say. Not with my specific project sadly).

  • If it works with the 3D Demo, we'll need to find which difference with your project that's causing it. We'll first work out whether this is the Player, the scene, or the Settings Manager.

    This can be done by combining the two together. For example, if the 3D Demo scene works with your Player, then your Player is OK. If the Demo's Player prefab, Tin Pot, works in your scene, with your Settings Manager, then it's likely the issue is with your Player. If your scene and your Player work with the 3D Demo's Settings Manager assigned, then your Settings Manager will be the issue.

    Try to isolate which part is causing the issue, so that we can narrow things down, and then post details / screenshots of the offending area.

  • Ok thanks. Will do what you have stated and narrow down the cause of the error/issue.


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    Awesome. I have identified that it was my player. I'm using Unity's standard character - Ethan (ThirdPersonContoller). Is there anything I am missing in the tutorials regarding how to configure player correctly? I created a player prefab, and inserted it into the Character setting of AC Game editor.

    In Unity's console after playing the game, its producing no error!

    I have taken a screenshot of my work. Uploaded on Imgur. Please advise if you need other screenshots.

  • I'd need the imgur links in order to see them.

    AC relies on its own character controller. In order to use a separate controller, you need an integration script - see the Manual's "Custom motion controllers" chapter.

    A sample integration script for Unity's ThirdPersonController can be found on the AC wiki here.

  • Hi,
    I have used the sample script from the link you provided. No changes, just copy and paste. I get NullReferenceException error. I have attached the screenshots into imgur.

    I noticed this has been raised before by others. Perhaps a video tutorial on this aspect would be fabulous. Showing how to integrate other characters into AC's system. Anyway, not sure what the error means and how to overcome that.

  • See the instructions on the wiki page: you must add a NavMeshAgent component as well.

  • Super :) All working now.

    Much appreciated for your help and guidance.

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