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Dark screenshot for the savegame slot

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I'm back to 1.65.2 and U2017 because lastest release brings too many bugs and I'm near finish line to fix'em all.
The only issue I have with 1.65.2 is the screenshot of the savegame slot that are very dark.
I'm using AC menus, not Unity UI.
Let me know if need more details.


  • If there are bugs with the latest release, please report them so that they can be addressed.

    What platform are you building to, and does this occur in builds or the editor, or both?

    Create a .unitypackage of your Managers and test scene to demonstrate the issue, and PM it to me in private along with instructions.

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    The bugs are different, from player disappearing from one scene to another, object that doesn't disappear when grabbed, dark screenshot for the save (here with the menu image above), etc... I can't verify if there are incompabilities between AC and other assets because I'm finishing the first part to publish on Steam and I need that's all ok. So using earlier version is the best way to solve many issue at this time and all works great exept the screenshot. During the day I'll send you what requested, thanks.

    For the first 2 questions, I'm building for Windows and it occurs both in editor and build.

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    Sorry @ChrisIceBox but I'm not able to create the unitypackage, too many things... but I discovered that the dark screenshot are only in the grid where there is the list of the saved games.

    I opened the jpg directly from the position in my Windows folder and they aren't dark, so the screenshot is taken correctly!
    There's an option to set those jpg to texture type: Editor GUI and Legacy GUI? Because I noticed that also my inventory png that was previously Sprite (2D and UI) became darker after AC upgrade... setting them to Editor GUI solved the issue.
    Maybe the texture type of the save/load menu grid show the screenshot as Default or Sprite texture type? There's the possibility to change them as Editor GUI?

    Thanks for the patience!

  • I shouldn't think it possible to change their type to Editor GUI, since Editor code is stripped from the build.

    It sounds like the colour space has changed - it may not have been upgrading AC, but Unity too/as well. What versions of both were you upgrading from before the issue occured?

    If it's a colour space issue, try changing some of the other settings instead - e.g. "sRGB (Color Texture)" or the "Color Space" in your Unity Player settings.

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