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UFPS movement speed in Adventure Creator

Hello everybody,

is there someone that can help me out. After updating Adventure Creator and UFPS I can't control the player movement speed. I did the integration correctly but for some reason, I can't change the movement speed, even if I put the moving speed to 0. It basically just keeps running. I can't figure out it doesn't want to work.


  • UFPS 1 or 2? AC/Unity versions? And you're referring to player speed during gameplay?

    AC won't set the speed during gameplay - UFPS will still be in control during that time.

  • Hi, Chris thank you for your feedback. Currently, I am using UFPS 1 and AC v1.66.8, Unity 2018.3. Yes I am referring to player movement speed during gameplay. For some reason if I set the speed it doesn't want to update it.

  • "Set the speed" in the UFPS component(s)? As AC is not in control during that time, this sounds like a UFPS issue - in which case I'd say you should contact its developer for assistance.

  • Thank you Chris, I did log a bug with the guys from UFPS. It is weird that as soon as I run UFPS on its own everything is fine but when I integrate it with AC it doesn't seem to work. Thank you though.

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    I can't recreate any such issue on my end - what is your UFPS version number, and are you involving any other custom scripts?

    Is there any difference between using a local Player in your scene vs spawning a Player prefab?

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