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Display order of Unity subtitles menu

So I have the subtitles menu set to unity UI prefab.
This causes other menu elements to be drawn over the subtitles menu - no matter if they are above or below it in the Menus list (in the menu tab that's in the AC game editor).
How can I make the subtitles on top of all other menus?


  • I don't think this is possible. AC menus will always appear over Unity UI prefabs as AC uses OnGUI(). Chris explains here:

  • Indeed - if a Menu's Source is set to Adventure Creator, it will be drawn atop any menu rendered with Unity UI - since AC-type menus rely on Unity's OnGUI system.

    To have your Unity UI-based Menu be drawn atop others, those other menus would also have to be rendered with Unity UI. You can then configure their sorting orders from their root canvas object.

  • So, does this mean that if I have an invisible close/back button Menu (rendered with Unity UI) that spans the entire screen, there's no way to have a hotspot label (source AC) show up too?

    In other words, a Use interaction Camera: Switches to a close-up and activates the invisible Back menu. But that close-up has a hotspot, and it seems I can't interact with it. The hotspot is there if I don't turn on the Back menu.

    I have a workaround in mind, I just want to be sure I understand. Thanks!

  • This sounds like a separate issue. I expect this is down to your full-screen menu preventing the Hotspot from being interactive - rather than the Hotspot menu not showing. If the Hotspot menu is rendered with AC, it will show on top of Unity UI menus.

    Is this full-screen menu intended to be clickable? I'm not sure what purpose it's serving if it's invisible, but you can try checking Ignore cursor clicks? in the Menu's properties to have it ignored by the mouse.

  • Chris, you must be right. I created a full screen menu with a full-screen panel and one element - a full-screen transparent button. The button is intended to be clickable because it runs an actionlist that exits the closeup.

    I reduced the size of the panel and now the hotspots below it are accessible. But I thought I understood that when creating Unity UI menus, the panel = the rectTransform boundary and should reflect the size of the menu and it's elements. Hence why I made it the same size as the button (full screen) and why it was covering everything.

    When does it matter what size the panel is for a menu? In other words, what consequences might arise if the panel does not encompass the elements of the menu?


  • The "RectTransform boundary" is used as a guide if the menu is repositioned (e.g to follow the cursor) but also internally to let AC know that the cursor is within an interactive menu so clicks to the scene should be ignored.

    This is typically what you want, but if this particular instance works for you then I think you should be fine.

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