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Problem with captions over hotspots.

Why captions over hotspots (only those placed near the edges of the screen) always appear closer to the center of the screen. Can this be changed?



  • Check this thing. If you modified Hotspot's size via points you could move the offset so the Label will be shifted too.
    Or make Empty object and set it as hotspot center point.
    This is also very useful when making hotspot selection via gamepad.

  • Welcome to the community, @OhNoo.

    The centre-point of the Hotspot will determine where the Hotspot menu will be positioned, but it also depends on the properties of the menu itself.

    If the menu is of a fixed width, and Always fit within screen? is checked, it may occasionally appear further away from the edge because the menu itself is wider than the label that it displays.

    You can check if this is the case by assigning a background texture to your menu (temporarily) and see if it reaches the edge of the screen.

    If your Menu's Source is set to Adventure Creator, you can set its Size to Automatic (as well as that of the Label that shows the Hotspot's name) - or switch the Source to Unity Ui Prefab.

    Using Unity UI is generally recommended as it offers much greater control over a menu's appearance - including the ability to resize itself based on its content. The default Hotspot menu has a Unity UI counterpart provided.

  • Thank you so much. Setting size to automatic works for me.

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