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Importing AC_NineVerbsTemplate.unitypackage

First of all, I'm not a Unity/AC guru, so maybe my question is too basic.
After doing some easy things with AC, I decided to test the nine-verb approach for a simple game. I downloaded and installed the template, however I miss some kind of tutorial or guide (even a basic one) of how to use it, or what are the steps to move from the standard action schema (the one used in the 2D demo for example) to the nine-verb action schema.
Do you know where I could find such info?



  • Welcome to the community, @Jelonertz.

    The template comes included with a Readme, which outlines the general steps. Have you been through it?

    The template includes 3 new managers - Settings, Menu and Cursor. All three need to be installed for the template to work. The Settings Manager is where the options to rely on verb-clicking are made - see the "Interaction method" has been set to "Choose Interaction Then Hotspot". The Cursor Manager is where cursors (verbs) are defined. The Menu Manager is where the UI is stored.

    There is also an included "Park-NineVerbs" test scene that adapts the 2D Demo for the template. Mainly this is just cosmetic, however, by bringing the camera out and changing some of the Hotspot verbs to be more appropriate.

    Have a look through the included Readme and see how you go. If you get stuck, post some details here on exactly where, and I'll guide you through it.

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    I finally managed to make it work! Thank you!
    I have a question about how the UI works. I have created several Hotspot 2D and when the player interacts with them, the UI disappears. I've configured the interaction with the "Play in background" check enabled, which seems to solve the problem, but I don't think this is the proper way to avoid the issue.

    You can see a screenshot here:

  • I changed the "Appear type" to "Except When Paused", and it looks better. However, I wonder if I can disable it manually and enable "Conversation" Menu when required, using an script, maybe. Do you have an example showing how I could do that?
    Thank you!

  • The template is designed to emulate the classic Lucasarts games, and in those the verbs interface would be hidden during cutscenes.

    In the template, this is done by setting the Verbs menu's Appear type to During Gameplay. Setting it to Manual, however, will allow you full control over it's on/off state either through the Menu: Change state Action, or through script:

    AC.PlayerMenus.GetMenuWithName ("Verbs").TurnOn ();
    AC.PlayerMenus.GetMenuWithName ("Verbs").TurnOff ();

    (See the Manual's "Menu scripting" chapter for more on scripting for menus)

    The Conversation menu's Appear type is set to During Conversation, meaning it'll turn on automatically when the player is presented with dialogue options. I'm not entirely clear on your intent with the way these two menus are presented, but if you can elaborate further on exactly what you want, I can try to advise further on how you could script things.

  • Hi,
    The only problem I see here (and maybe it's my fault) is that when the player says something to himself, the verbs menu also disappear. For example, for the verb "Look at", I use Dialogue, Play Speech, with "Player line" enabled. In this case, is not really a dialogue, but just something the player says "out loud", but since I use a Dialogue action, the verbs disappear. Is this the proper way to do this? How can I prevent the verbs menu from disappearing? Should I use any other way to "say things" out of a real conversation?

  • Again, the default behaviour of the Verbs menu is to hide itself during a cutscene - even if that cutscene is a single line of speech.

    By default, an ActionList will block gameplay when run. You can, however, change its When running field to Run In Background, which will prevent the game from entering "cutscene" mode, and in turn, stop the Verbs menu from hiding.

    See the Manual's "Background logic" chapter for more on this topic.

  • Hi Chris,
    First of all, thank you for your support!
    After doing more tests, I configured my Menu Manager like this:

    • Appear type: Except when paused (the idea is to avoid some flicker when redrawing the menu)

    • Appear type: Manual. I want to enable conversation menu only when the player talks to a NPC, no with "Player line" option

    So I've created a conversation, and created an Interaction with a NPC (XXX: Talk to), with the following action list items:
    1) I want the Verbs menu to be hidden, so Action: Menu - Change State - Lock Menu - Verbs
    2) I want to show the Conversation Menu (set to manual), so Action: Menu - Change State - Turn on Menu - Conversation
    3) Start the conversation with Action: Dialogue - Start conversation - myConversation

    At this point, the Conversation menu is empty, I don't see any Dialog Option to click on...

    What am I doing wrong?

    Again, thank you!

  • If the Conversation menu's Appear type is Manual, then it will need to be turned on after the Dialogue: Start conversation Action. This is because it populates itself with the active Conversation's dialogue options at the moment it is turned on.

    However, you should be fine to leave its Appear type as During Conversation, as it will not show for regular speech. In AC terminology, a "Conversation" just refers to displaying a list of dialogue options for the player to choose from. The use of Dialogue: Play speech Actions to have characters speak to each other, even as the result of clicking one of these options, is not itself a Conversation.

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