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UI problem with unity 2018.4.0f1 PREFABS !

Hello, iam following the tutorial but I cant get the inventory ui work. It does not save the rectTransform Boundary and the linked button. I assume its because unity handle prefabs now different? I cant apply on the prefabs after setting them in ac up.... Please Help!!


  • The settings does not save when I add the canvas to rect and the linked button. It reference them in console but when I change scene, the settings are empty again in inventory.

  • What's your AC version? The system has been updated to allow for use of nested prefabs in Unity UI.

    Leave the InventoryUI object out of the scene itself, and assign the prefab itself into the Canvas prefab field. To assign the RectTransform boundary and various Linked Button fields, double-click the prefab to enter Prefab Mode and drag them into the fields from there. Since you're directly editing the prefab in this mode, there's no need to "apply" your changes.

    If you need more help, please share images showing the state of your Menu Manager, InventoryUI canvas / prefab, and the Hierarchy at runtime. Please also describe exactly what's going on in-game - i.e. is the Inventory menu appearing, not responsive, etc.

  • Ok thank you I try that. I will report back. Latest AC version btw.

  • Hello, it does not work. I recorded a video. PLease have a look. What iam doing wrong???

  • What you've shown looks fine - but your video doesn't show anything going wrong at runtime.


    please also describe exactly what's going on in-game - i.e. is the Inventory menu appearing, not responsive, etc.

    You said the issue occurs when you change scene - so all's fine in the first scene? What happens exactly when things go wrong? Is the canvas present in your Hierarchy before/after the scene change:

  • I have auto add one item. And when I start scene, I see inventory but not the item in it. I redone now everything (from importing asset ac) now its working. Strange since I did not changed anything. Anyway I glad its working now :) thank you

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