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Adventure Creator Asmdef

I wanted to move all the scripts into assembly definitions but I thought I should ask if you are planning to do that anyway, since I think it would basically benefit everybody :)


  • No immediate plans - feel free to go ahead.

  • Ok, thanks :)

  • Was this ever done? Is there a link to the setup?

  • edited August 2021

    The upcoming v1.74.0 update will make changes to AC's structure that make it possible to rely on a single .amsdef file in AdventureCreator or Scripts directory that's simple to set up - no need to alter AC's file structure, as is the case now.

    The file itself likely won't be included officially - I've seen enough projects to know that people often include their own scripts inside this directory, which would cause breakages - but as a single file it shouldn't be a problem to configure on a per-project basis.

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