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Bug?: FaceFX integration looks for files with player gameobjects name instead of "Player"

Hi Chris,

I'm not sure if it's a bug, but I assumed that the FaceFX animation files should be named like the audiofiles, with an added "Default_" before. Now this works great for all the characters, but the Player character is also "named" like the others, while I need to name the audio files with "Player + ID". Also there seems to be no option to fix this (without renaming the Game Object).

Furthermore I'm not sure if this has changed since an earlier version of the face FX integration, but the manual says, that the "xml" files should be named like that, while there is actually only one single xml file, that creates animation clips named like it is described, so I assume you meant the animation clips right?

Should the resulting animation clips actually be saved in the resources folder too? (For our current early tests with only a couple of them, it works to have them in the animation components animations array, but I can imagine that it's not verry efficient having thousands of them on the character)

Thank you,


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    I cannot recreate such an issue.

    The FaceFX animation file should refer to "Player" if Use Player prefab name in filenames? is unchecked in the Speech Manager - is this the case? What are your AC and Unity version numbers?

    I'm not sure if the FaceFX plugin has changed but the API is the same. All AC is doing is calling the FaceFX script's "PlayAnim" function with the animation name (e.g. "Default_MyCharater0") and the audioclip as parameters. How it uses those is up to FaceFX - AC won't try to read your XML files or anything like that - but the audio file does have to be found by AC in the usual way.

  • Oh ok, yes I had Use Player prefab name in filenames actually checked... but strangely all the given audio Filenames still started with player (which was the reason I didn't notice...)
    Ok thank you once again :)

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