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Hotspot Interaction Menu animation not playng if using "pause game when enabled"

Hello everyone,
In the Menu/Interaction panel i am using as Source "Unity Ui in Scene".

The UI appears where expected when the player interacts with the hotspot, but the animation state won't play if "Pause game when enabled" is flagged. If checking the Animation Controller attached, i can see the currently playing state is paused, reason why there is no animation playing.

Everything function as expected if that option is not active, which makes me think this could be some kind of bug in AC1.67.5 ?

In 1.68 change log i have read the following line: "Fixed: Interaction menus not working correctly with Inventory menus that pause the game".

Is this referring to my problem too?

If so, is there any other way for me to solve this problem without having to upgrade my game to a newer version of AC?



  • Welcome to the community, @grossimatte.

    The bug wasn't explicitly related to animation. Bear in mind that, if the game is paused, no animation will play unless you set the Animator component's Update Mode property to Unscaled Time.

    You may find, however, that the bug is also affecting your game - in which case an upgrade may be necessary as well. You can, however, test this first by importing the latest AC into a duplicate of your project and see the result.

  • Hello @ChrisIceBox
    Thanks for your swift reply and congrats for this masterpiece AC is!

    Your suggestion worked, i feel silly for not checking the Update Mode property first.

    As you predicted, i am now experiencing a few more minor bugs, reason why i will try to upgrade and test if everything works fine, before eventually migrating to the newer version.

    Thanks for your support!

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