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Controller Input To Activate Menu

I'm making an FMV game and am currently setting up controller support. I've got the 360 controller working fine to cycle through and select the given options etc, no problem there, but what I am having issues with is having the game 'trigger' off a menu's button when a certain controller button is pressed - in this case Button A on the 360 controller.

I'd like the 'Eye' menu to be activated if the player presses the A button on their controller.

Attached is my current menu set up and a screenshot to give you an idea of what I'm trying achieve.

Any suggestions? Thanks :)

I'm using AC 1.68.4 and Unity 2019.2.0f1. If you need anything else then please let me know :)


  • The Button element's "Alternative input button" will only register if the Menu itself is under direct-navigation. I suspect, however, you want to be free to press other buttons at the same time.

    You're probably best off relying on an "Active input" instead, which is a way of running an ActionList when an input button is pressed. Such an ActionList could begin with a Menu: Check state Action to then run "EyeExamine_Button_OnClick" if the "Eye Examine" menu is currently on.

    See the Manual's "Active inputs" chapter for more.

  • Thanks Chris, I got it working perfectly :)

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