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Random dance

Hi i want to make a random dance with interactions.

I have Made 4 places to move randomly but couldnt clik on the hotspots arround the place.
I have just put the cut scenee play in backgrounde but had the same problem.
Any solution? Ore better practicar about it?


  • Sorry, you'll have to elaborate with details and screenshots. By "dancing" you want a character (the player?) to move to different Markers, or play different animations?

    Shots of the issue, as well as your Settings Manager and AC/Unity version numbers will be necessary as well.

  • 1) I make a cut scene that look some random options, each options had a goto condition. when finish start over again.
    2)A normal hotsopt to interact.

    1) play fine you can se the player moving for one point to another.
    2)Can interact. If i don´t play 1) the hotspot works fine. its something like if you are in a cut scene you cant interact.
    I played the first one on background.

    Unity last stable versión, and AC updated.

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    Still not clear, I'm afraid. You're saying Hotspots are not interactive when the Cutscene is running in the background? But what Actions exactly are you running?

    Please post images showing exactly what you mean, as well as describe the problem exactly.

    Also, enable the AC Status box at the bottom of the Settings Manager. This will tell you the game's state (i.e. Cutscene, Normal) at all times in the Game window. Please post a shot of that when the issue occurs, as well.

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