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Recursize Serialization

I'm getting the following error when I start up my project:

Recursive Serialization is not supported. You can't dereference a PPtr while loading. (Constructors of C# classes may not load objects either. See stacktrace.)
AmplifyColor.VolumeEditorBase:.ctor() (at Assets/AmplifyColor/Plugins/Editor/AmplifyColorVolumeEditorBase.cs:668)
UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadWindowLayout(String, Boolean)

I am making a 2D adventure game with Adventure Creator in Unity. The problem appears to be AmplifyColor, but when I tried their forums they brushed it off by saying "Why does AdventureCreator do that?" :|

I use different AmplifyColor volumes for day, morning, night lighting. I use a method where I have an empty GameObject which I transform off screen between the different volume colliders. Most of the time it works, but not always, and the error always shows up (albeit just when starting the project, not on play). There is 18 identical errors (probably because I have been using this technique in 18 different scenes).

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

image image image


  • Despite the error message, what effect does it have on your project?

    The message doesn't reference AC at all, so I'm not sure what I can suggest here. The message does suggest that "AmplifyColorVolumeEditorBase" is where the problem lies (though it's not particularly detailed, admittedly).

    As more of a test than anything, try removing AC's Moveable component from the Amplifiy Color Volume GameObject, and change it's position manually in the Inspector. Does the error persist? If so, I'd say it's almost certainly not AC-related.

  • edited October 2019

    The game appears to work, but I have been having some freezes when I export a runtime. Removing the Moveable component didn't change anything, so I guess it's AmplifyColor acting up, or just my solution that is crocked!

    I should probably just activate the switches between the ColorVolumes by code, but saying that my coding skills are lacking would be an overstatement. :-(

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