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AC can't tag "player" to player

Hello Chris.I am making mobile game look like " talking tom"app. So i download talking tom similar app project file include
two scripts.It completely work (when i talk to phone character talking return to me).Problem is here, I put AC package
to my project and make new game wizard .Everything is okay like menu ,inventory ,etc but character can't tag as player.Why?
here my video


  • AC requires that the only object in the scene tagged as "Player" is the AC Player character. If it finds one that is not the Player character, it will remove it to make way for the "true" Player.

    You can either convert your "Talking Man" character into an AC Player character by attaching the Player component / using the Character Wizard, or just create a new Tag in Unity's Tags And Layers settings, and replace the "GameConstants" script's PlayerTag variable from "Player" to whatever this new Tag is named.

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